Prepping For Beginners

When you go to the store and buy enough food to last a few days you are already prepping for the future, everyone in some fashion is already a prepper, what most people think prepping is all about is just the same thing really, we just prepare for a longer time period. Welcome to Prepping 101, enjoy! 

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Food - Water - Shelter

The three key items to focus on in order to survive are Food, Water, and Shelter, without any one of these three items your chance of survival is limited. Preparing for the unknown is very challenging at times, however, if done right should be lots of fun for the whole family! Always keep it fun.

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Bugging-Out Emergency Plans

So you have decided you want to be prepared just in case something were to happen, welcome to the club of millions of Americans that have decided to be prepared as well, what now, how do we get started?

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Fire Starting

There are lots of ways to start a fire, simple Bic lighter, Metal Match (Needs lighter fluid), Bow Drill, Flint & Steel, Fire Piston, Magnesium, Ferrocerium, and even a Magnifying Lens just to name a few.

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About Us is a simple website focused on what is commonly called Prepping or Preppers, we feel that Prepping should be fun, adventurous, but not a lifestyle. Prepping and this site we like to think of as our hobbies, and not a business, while we hope that the ads on this site will someday pay for the cost of hosting and maybe help offset the costs of doing product reviews, we are still happy to absorb those costs when necessary, hobbies are seldom free.




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How To Survive An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) Attack?



  Before we begin we would like to say a few things about this topic, our thoughts on why we feel it is better to be informed, why some in the news industry deliberately misinform the public in what we can only guess is for political gains! The article in "The Washington Post" misleads its readers into thinking President Trump is wasting your taxpayer funds, starting a new program to prepare for something that can never happen. We don't get into politics on this site, we all bleed red and we all have a desire to survive, but you should know the facts!

  The story in The Washington Post has this headline: "Trump issued an executive order to prepare for an EMP attack. What is it, and should you worry?" while here are the facts: The EMP Commission was established pursuant to title XIV of the Floyd D. Spence National Defense Authorization Act for the Fiscal Year 2001 (as enacted into law by Public Law 106-398; 114 Stat. 1654A-345). President Trump is acting on the recommendations from the Commission's assessment report! You can find all the reports from the commission HERE.

  We believe that the better informed the public is, the better we can all be prepared, in reality, some people will have done some preparing while most will not have done any preparations, those will be the same people that will try to inject themselves into your plans or even try and steal the items you have for themselves.








  emp1There are two main types, EMP and NEMP, a normal EMP or CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) is caused by Solar Flairs from our sun, best guess that a major solar flair only happens about once every 100 years, small ones happen very often but cause no major effect to the earth, not much we can do about these and they will have a much lesser effect on earth than a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP). We could talk about gamma rays, mega-electron volts (MeV), Compton electrons, electromagnetic emissions, radio frequency (RF), and so much more but the best way to explain it is simple. If a Nuke is detonated anywhere from 15 to 30 miles above ground, nearly everything that has electronics or magnets will be lost. 

  In August 1958, while developing an anti-satellite weapon the test showed that the effects were 4 times larger than any known Solar Flairs, July 1962 the Starfish Prime test had much better results, affecting things as far as 900 miles away, With the yield of today's weapons it is widely believed that the effects will go beyond 3,000 miles in each direction, depending on the Earth's Magnetic Fields, Altitude of Detonation, Yield of the device as well as other factors.



  Powergrid will be lost, no water, all motorized vehicles, and equipment, radios, computers, all banking systems, hydroelectric systems, and dams, magnetos, generators, trains and semis, and about anything else you can think of that use electronics or magnets to operate.

  We have seen reports that this will not kill people or make people sick, this is false, there will be lots of accidents, medical facilities will not have power and back-up generators will not work, there will still be nuclear fallout and radiation. Nuclear power plants will lose the ability to cool the reactors and that is just a few things that can cause loss of life.



 Surviving after an EMP attack will be very difficult at best, some estimates say it will take as long as 20 years to get the power grid back up and running. and that also depends on getting parts, transformers, along with controls from a country that is both friendly and has not been affected by an EMP attack themselves. We no longer have small farms to provide food for the local areas, now we have very large farms that are made possible because of farming machinery that will no longer work, food will be in short supply very early on.

  Most believe that in the case of a large scale, long term event we would see the return of clans, groups of people that will do whatever it takes to survive. Storing large amounts of food is not hard to do but during an event, it may be hard to keep. We think that our article on the "Return of the Clansman" will better explain things in great detail.


>>> Return of the Clansman <<<





  Boeing has announced that it successfully tested an electromagnetic pulse missile capable of disabling electronics without affecting structures. The Counter-electronics High-powered Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP) was tested by a Boeing Phantom Works/U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate team on October 16 at the Utah Test and Training Range.








Our basic instinct of Self-preservation is the driving force behind what we do to survive, throughout human history we have learned that survival may very well depend on working together as a group, call them gangs, mobs, or clans over time it has been proven to be the best method for survival. Clans will most certainly rule the territories, some will work to produce food and other necessities and others will find those items by looting neighboring clans, the new way of life will be shocking to many.




 Chinaships2alerts   Breaking News: Talks between the United States and China ended shortly after they started, a source tells us that China is demanding the United States disclosed the locations of all Virginia-class attack submarines, China has long insisted that these submarines are patroling very near the Chinese coastal waters.

  China has warned the United States not to send ships into the South China Sea, as Japan's Self-Defense Force helicopter carrier Kaga and destroyers Inazuma and Suzutsuki sail with the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier and two other U.S. warships heading to the South China Sea.

(No this story is not real, however with trade talks, the new EMP systems designed by Raytheon, Russia building EMP weapons, we can be sure that China has them as well.)





“Nine of 10 Americans will be dead from starvation, disease, and societal collapse. The United States of America ceases to exist,” warned the report declassified by recently decommissioned U.S. Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack. The report, written by EMP expert Peter Vincent Pry, revealed EMP war plans drawn up by Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and even ISIS.




Our post EMP conflict model.

  Living in a post EMP conflict world will be difficult at first however in a somewhat short period of time things will begin to settle down, many believe that as much as 90% of the population will die, our model has it more likely to be around 70% to 80% with the highest numbers of loss as high as 90% in and around the larger cities, much of the East Coast, California, Great Lakes areas, and the large cities throughout the country will be devastated. States like Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Idaho, Wisconsin, parts of Colorado, Utah, and other states with an abundance of wildlife and open areas could be as low as 35% to 50% with access to food being a key factor.

  Before we go any deeper let's look at some history, during WWII the Japanese didn't invade the United States West Coast, Isoroku Yamamoto was quoted for saying:Isoroku Yamamoto "In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success". He also said: "It is not enough that we take Guam and the Philippines, nor even Hawaii and San Francisco. To make victory certain, we would have to march into Washington and dictate the terms of peace in the White House and Japan was not prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. The reason he felt this way was that the cost to invade a heavily armed populated country was more than politicians and the Japanese people were willing to accept!

  Precisely six months after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese navy would suffer a major defeat at the Battle of Midway, from which it never recovered.  Marshal Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto died on April 18, 1943, he never saw the end of the war, but his words will always live on. The surrender of Imperial Japan was announced by Hirohito on August 15 and formally signed on September 2, 1945.




Who did it and are they done?

  As long as we don't do something crazy and stupid like take away all our guns we should still be fine, let say China sent EMP weapons striking the United States, we should have also returned fire inflicting the same or worse damage to China, with nukes this is called Mutual Assured Destruction, this is not acceptable for neither side and making it a great doctrine of reciprocal deterrence. With the new EMP weapons, everything will still be intact but sending the countries about 150 years backward and into a new dark age. Now, will other countries take the opportunity to assist or to conquer?  Will Russia invade our shores, Iran maybe? As long as the American people are still armed the necessary sacrifices to do so might still be too great to accept. 


Types of EMP weapons that are most common.

  There are three main types of EMP's E-1, E-2, and E-3, If you would like to know more about these specific types and the details and effects please check out this archived article by Jerry Emanuelson, B.S.E.E. 


Video about the U.S. testing Boeing and Raytheon's new EMP weapon system! 


How Will The United States Survive

  To be honest, most military assessments show that the United States would no longer exist if we were attacked, one assessment went deeper and said that there was only an 82% chance and falling that the United States would counter strike any nation that had attacked us. The low percentage is mostly because it is thought that the attack would come from submarines off our coast and it would be hard to identify exactly who fired the rockets. If the United States does not strike back more likely than not, the country will be invaded and under a new rule.

  A large attack would most likely also affect a large part of Canada and Mexico, while the homeland may be attacked it is unlikely that our Navy and other offshore military bases will have been destroyed as well. Will NATO or our other allies come to our aid or will they hide in the shadows?


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By now we should all know that an EMP attack is possible, how likely is anybody's guess.



Surviving The Storm

Scattered throughout the country are small shelters, compounds, and groups that have been preparing for a long term catastrophic event, while nothing is certain, models help us understand how best to prepare. Many say it will take up to 20 years to get the power grid back online, our models show that within 5 years most everything will return back to a somewhat normal environment.


Camp Huckleberry

Camp Huckleberry or Huck for short is the project of a wealthy family who decided to build a compound for their family and friends, a compound that will be a safe place in the event of a financial collapse of the United States. While the compound was set up mainly for a financial event, and preparations for an EMP event were not part of the original design, modifications are now underway to update the compound. More about Huck below, however, the location of Huck will not be given out for security reasons.


Knowing Electronics Will Be Key

Knowing how to fix electronics will become very valuable in the aftermath of an EMP attack, many things will need to be repaired. There are books, online resources that can guide you on how to get into working with electronics. Every clan or compound will need someone that can work with electronics, getting communications up and running will also help with supplies and reports from other areas.


Small Engines

Depending on the type of EMP attack that is used, most small engines using a magneto and coil to generate an AC pulses to create a spark to run should be OK, some say the coil will be fried, also have seen some reports that because of EMP uses the magnetic poles of the earth that all magnets will be demagnetized. Small engines could run generators, water pumps, small vehicles, and many other items. Wood re-burning units will provide fuel for the engines.





 Learning From Camp Huckleberry


Camp Huck is 40 acres in size, two sides border the National Forest, It has one large tri-level structure used for housing, storage, protected electronics room, nine large rooms for bedding, one large kitchen, three very large common rooms, a large dining room, armory, workshop, six large storage rooms, four bathrooms, two large laundry rooms, and other small rooms also for storage.

For growing food outside there are 4 large GEO domes, mostly all set up with hydroponic towers, all four domes are connected to a water treatment and storage unit. Outside gardens setup using water directly coming from a well. there are animal pens set up for housing goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, also some horses, There are three shed-like structures, one housing the water storage and treatment system, another for gardening equipment and the last setup for making teas to be used as fertilizer for the hydroponics.

The whole compound sets on the edge of the National Forest, with some moose, elk, deer, wolves, black bears, grizzly bears, and some large mountain lions. Nearby are some small lakes, rivers, and creeks all with a good supply of fish, For security, I did see two cameras on the outside, but no inside alarm system, trees are not too close to the buildings, mostly about a 50-yard clearing between the buildings and the trees. No fence around the compound except a small one around the entry drive.

Supplies are well stocked, five-gallon buckets of freeze-dried food packs with a 25-year shelf life, I was told it was a full Semi load, had to hire some temp employees to help unload it and stack it. Very well stocked electronics room, the armory has an adequate amount of guns and ammo, the kitchen is well set up and nicely stocked for about 20 people. Water comes from an on-site well, the water is clean and no bad taste in it.




My Visit And Inspection Results

We had a great time visiting Huck, good people, good food, and ice-cold beer, but I went there to pick the compound apart and I have, here are some of the things we noticed.

  1. Hiring temp employees is risky, each of those people now knows where your place is and what is inside, they most likely have told friends and others, when food is gone they will all know where to find more.
  2. The protected electronic room's door was propped open, it should always remain closed to secure the room from an attack.
  3. Water runs off an electric pump down in the well, no manual pump is installed. Loss of power = loss of water.
  4. Each GEO should be on its own water system, if your water goes bad, PH or any of many other possibilities you lose all four GEOs and not just one.
  5. Regardless if it draws attention, there should be a fence, can have the supplies to run razor wire later if that works better.
  6. The security system needs to be upgraded, better camera coverage, system to protect the building, motion sensors around the exterior.
  7. Chickens and Ducks should have a coup or protection from wolves, better protection for the goats and sheep as well.
  8. One or two large water storage tanks should be added.
  9. GEOs are 100% clear plastic, which will cause hot temperatures in the GEOs during the summer.
  10. The armory is not set up for reloading, should be or a larger amount of ammo is needed.

There were other things that I noticed, but these seem to be the most urgent. odds are you will not have a compound like this one to go to but they are out there, families can pull together and make a nice small clan, safety comes in numbers but the larger the number the more resources will be needed!







There are lots of ways to start a fire, simple Bic lighter, Metal Match (Needs lighter fluid), Bow Drill, Flint & Steel, Fire Piston, Magnesium, Ferrocerium, and even a Magnifying Lens just to name a few.





Bird Nests

  Making a bird's nest to start a fire will make it much easier regardless if you are using a Bow Drill, Magnesium, or a Flint style starter just to name a few. Depending on where you are located, different methods may apply depending on what materials are available, Juniper bark is one of the most common materials used, however, these trees may not be in your area, you might only have pine needles, Witches hair, and so-on.



 Gathering kindling should be an easy task, some places it might be wet and you may have to dry out, for that reason we suggest a small amount to get you started. Kindling can be made from any dry branches from fallen trees or limbs and also from dead branches that might still be attached to the tree. 


Fire Starters

  buckstarterThere are lots of ways to start a fire, simple Bic lighter, Metal Match (Needs lighter fluid), Bow Drill, Flint & Steel, Fire Piston, Magnesium, Ferrocerium, and even a Magnifying Lens just to name a few. Remember, fire is very important so this might not be a good place to buy cheap, one that caught my eye is the Buck Fire Starter. The Selkirk fire starter by Buck is a Ferrocerium style lighter, along with the "Forever Warranty" and a price of around $21.00 and made in the U.S.A. I can't see where you could go wrong. We found the Buck Selkirk fire starter at Wal-Mart for $16.18 - $18.18, we think paying a little extra for the name is a good investment. 

 For more on Fire Starters "Click Here"











Magnesium is very inexpensive and can be found everywhere, easy to ignite and should be found in everyone's fire starting kits. Small blocks of Magnesium are easy to shave into small pieces or you can buy bags of Magnesium already prepared that you can find on Amazon for about $10.00 to $12.00 for 6 small baggies full.