Prepping For Beginners

When you go to the store and buy enough food to last a few days you are already prepping for the future, everyone in some fashion is already a prepper, what most people think prepping is all about is just the same thing really, we just prepare for a longer time period. Welcome to Prepping 101, enjoy! 

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Food - Water - Shelter

The three key items to focus on in order to survive are Food, Water, and Shelter, without any one of these three items your chance of survival is limited. Preparing for the unknown is very challenging at times, however, if done right should be lots of fun for the whole family! Always keep it fun.

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Bugging-Out Emergency Plans

So you have decided you want to be prepared just in case something were to happen, welcome to the club of millions of Americans that have decided to be prepared as well, what now, how do we get started?

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Fire Starting

There are lots of ways to start a fire, simple Bic lighter, Metal Match (Needs lighter fluid), Bow Drill, Flint & Steel, Fire Piston, Magnesium, Ferrocerium, and even a Magnifying Lens just to name a few.

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Purifying Your Water 

  There are many ways to Purifying water or to just making it safe to drink and/or cook with, boiling your water will not purify it, however, it will make it safe for drinking. So focusing more on making the water safe for drinking, cooking, and many other things as well. One for the things you will need is Charcoal, activated preferably and fine ground.


  We found some for sale on Amazon that we think is a good deal, Activated Bamboo Charcoal Powder, Food Grade, 8-ounce pack for $18.48 ($2.31 per ounce). The charcoal along with gravel, and sand can make a nice filter for cooking and if you boil the water can be safe to drink. 




  There are other methods as well, our #1 pick for clean water is the APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-50) that can be found at Wal-Mart and Lowes for $189.95. There are lots of less expensive units out on the market, however, all these units require a pressurized water system, if your water at home has been compromised this will work but I don't see any application for these out in the woods.



  So we have the basic "charcoal/sand/gravel" style filter that is easy to make and we will show a few designs for those, we also have the Reverse Osmosis system that will give you great drinking water. Now let's Jugwaterfilterlook at a more practical method, one that many of us already use in the home, yea the gallon pitcher filter that maybe holds 1/2 gallon of water, they are affordable, also for what you spend on one of these, it isn't a bad deal at all. I would recommend that you still boil your water for 5 minutes to kill any harmful bacteria or other things that will make you sick, let the water cool first then run it through the filter to remove solids or bad flavors from the water. 






Storing Your Water

  We all should be storing water, at least some but how much? FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends a three day supply of water should always be on hand. Three days is a joke, we have seen power systems and water systems down far longer thandrum that, we still recommend a two week supply. The average person needs about 15 gallons of water to last two weeks, so 60 gallons for a household of 4 people. I like the 35-gallon food-safe drums are a good option, however, they cost almost the same price as the 55-gallon drums. If we are looking at being able to stay in the house a shelf with gallon jugs might be the better way to store your water. 





  Making a sand/gravel/charcoal filter: We are going to make a filter using PVP pipe and fittings, Sand, Gravel, and Charcoal and cotton balls. We will make one that we designed, very simple and inexpensive to make, this will give you the basic concept of how it works, you can have fun and design your own.

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