Prepping For Beginners

When you go to the store and buy enough food to last a few days you are already prepping for the future, everyone in some fashion is already a prepper, what most people think prepping is all about is just the same thing really, we just prepare for a longer time period. Welcome to Prepping 101, enjoy! 

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Food - Water - Shelter

The three key items to focus on in order to survive are Food, Water, and Shelter, without any one of these three items your chance of survival is limited. Preparing for the unknown is very challenging at times, however, if done right should be lots of fun for the whole family! Always keep it fun.

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Bugging-Out Emergency Plans

So you have decided you want to be prepared just in case something were to happen, welcome to the club of millions of Americans that have decided to be prepared as well, what now, how do we get started?

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Fire Starting

There are lots of ways to start a fire, simple Bic lighter, Metal Match (Needs lighter fluid), Bow Drill, Flint & Steel, Fire Piston, Magnesium, Ferrocerium, and even a Magnifying Lens just to name a few.

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Under Wikked-Skyes:

  While the three key elements are food, water, and shelter, none are more important than shelter. Depending on your location and environment, protection from the wind, rain, sun, and let's not forget about all of nature's little critters is very important in maintaining a survivable environment. Hypothermia can become life-threatening in just a few hours while Trench Foot caused from not properly drying your feet can take days or weeks to develop. We will try and cover as much content as possible regarding these and other topics, when in the outdoors, always hope for the best but be prepared for the worst!


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  Tents come in any size really and most will do the job, there are a few things you should keep in mind when picking out a tent.

*Windows with insect screening.

*Durable and lightweight.

*A tent should have at least a water-resistant floor with a minimum 4 inch high walls.


  Photo to the right is a CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent we found on Amazon for $129.99, I prefer this style of tent mostly because of the Rain Fly. The tent in our banner from Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 16 Person Family Cabin Tent that we found online at Wal-Mart for $145.00. Regardless of the tent that you choose, it should have good ventilation and resistant to mold and mildew, 


Selecting a spot

  By now you should have already picked out a spot to set up and we would recommend a backup spot as well, it should be in a clearing and out of harm's way. It should be slightly elevated for good water runoff, a four or five-foot area around the tent should be cleared of any tall brush, old fallen trees, and branches to reduce the fire danger and help keep unwanted critters away. If near a creek or river make sure you set up your tent above the high water levels to prevent flooding as well. 

  You will need to take a good long look at the area you have chosen, need to look for any Widow Makers (Old trees that could fall and injure/kill someone) and if so cut them down. Check for game trails and tracks, most wildlife will follow the same paths day after day, if you see bear tracks or big cat tracks, you might want to relocate.







Tent Heaters

   Heating your tent has always been a challenging task, to say the least, there is always a fire hazard, power and/or fuel source issues. There are lots of units that require propane or power to operate, access to those will most likely not be available over the long term.



  We will cover a few options as well as a wood-burning design that PreppingThis has been working on, depending on access to propane is not the best option for long term events, that is why using a wood-burning method is your best bet. There are a few options, heating rocks in a fire then moving them into the tent does work but far from efficient. We think by combining both cooking and heating into one unit will be the best option, that is the design PreppingThis is working on.solostove


  A Solo Stove uses wood as fuel and you can cook on them very easily, We would also like to focus on Solo Stove just a bit, remember they are not affiliated or sponsors of this site, it is just something we point out that we feel is useful to our visitors. Solo Stove website is they also can be found on Amazon as well. These little stoves come in many sizes, well worth checking out the site. Using wood for fuel has some great advantages over units that require power or propane, one fallen tree can fuel one of these stoves for more than a year. PreppingThis has not tested any of these units ourselves, we believe that the design is good, please do your research before you make your purchase.


  It is hard to picture a bug-out bag with a tent and a wood-burning stove for heat and even cooking, we talk about 18-pound Bug-Out bags and this would not be a part of that. Going from the comforts of home to a spot out in the middle of nowhere with no power, gas, or indoor plumbing and with a possible stay of weeks or even months, the better off you are equipped the better. This Guide Gear Outpost Wood Stove comes complete with everything you will need to install it in your tent and for just $99.99 and free shipping from Amazon, it will make any stay more comfortable. This type and size of wood-burning stoves are not recommended for small tents.


rocket  BBQ-Toro Rocket Stove that we found on Amazon sells for $84.99 is also another good option, remember that any wood-burning stove must be vented if used indoors. Rocket stoves have been around for many years, tests show they used 18 to 35 percent less fuel compared to the traditional stoves as well as a large reduction in emissions.

  Regardless of what you choose, keeping warm and dry is extremely important, preparing yourself, leaving the comforts of home are always unsettling and that is why we feel the better you are prepared even if it means hauling more supplies, the better!



Food Storage

  This should go without saying, however, let's point out just in case someone may not know this, never store your food in your shelter for any reason, bears, large cats, and other predators will break in and go for the food, some like Grizzly Bears won't think twice about adding you to the menu.

   Hanging food out of reach is one good option, in a locked car. (But bears have been known for breaking into cars.)




Bear Spray

  Bear spray is one of those topics that people on both sides will be stubborn with their positions and understandably so, female Grizzlies protecting her cubs will become extremely aggressive and will fight a much larger male to the death defending them, so how will some pepper spray stop a mother that aggressive?bearspray Is it better or safer to carry a gun or the spray, something you will have to decide?


  One common bear sprays we have found is Guard Alaska, We found it on Amazon for $32.47 + Free Shipping. Also, Wal-Mart has a few other sprays as well.

  Always make sure you read and understand the directions on how to use your spray, also never spray into the wind.

  The pepper spray that you carry on you for self-defense will not work on a bear, bear spray is a specific aerosol bear deterrent, whose active ingredients are capsaicin and related capsaicinoids. Using a common pepper spray might make you feel good but it will only upset the bear even more.